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AK Man Spa provides massage services tailored specifically for men, including deep tissue massage, oil massage, and Thai relaxation, offering 60, 90, and 120-minute options to meet your needs.

Our handsome and muscular massage therapists, with their professional skills, take great care of your body, alleviate stress, and help you regain physical and mental balance.

For guests who prefer to experience in a familiar environment,
our 100-minute Outcall Service can bring the same happiness to your doorstep.

Welcome to AK Man Spa. Experience our warm service, relax your body and mind, and rekindle your vitality.


How to...

We have provided you with an easy way to make reservations.

As there are no technicians on standby, please book a service at least 48 hours in advance online or 30 minutes in advance using Line.

If you need to change or cancel your reservation, please notify us at least one hour in advance.

Please Note!!!
Arriving more than 30 minutes late will lead to the cancellation of the appointment, and we will no longer accept bookings from you.

***To appreciate the hard work of the therapist, we suggest a tip ranging from $500 to $2,000 NTD.



Essence Package (A)

$2,200 $ 2,000 / 60 mins.

Rejuvenate in just 60 minutes with our Essence A Package.
Customize your experience by choosing from a combination of deep tissue acupressure, soothing oil massage, and Thai relaxation techniques.

Energy Package (B) - 90 mins

$2,800 $ 2,600 / 90 mins.

Recharge and invigorate with our Energy Package, a 90-minute session that allows you to select from deep tissue acupressure, refreshing oil massage, and Thai relaxation techniques based on your preferences.

Ultimate Package (C)

$3,200 $ 3,000 / 120 mins.

Experience the epitome of relaxation and rejuvenation with our Ultimate Package, a luxurious 120-minute session where you can tailor your experience by choosing from deep tissue acupressure, indulgent oil massage, and Thai relaxation techniques.



Outcall Service

$3,500 $ 3,200 / 100 mins.

Bring our professional services to your comfort zone. Choose the Outcall Service to enjoy a 100-minute personalized massage experience, allowing for deep relaxation without leaving home.

For more extended, detailed care, you can choose the extended service. Each additional 30 minutes only costs an extra $1,000 NTD.

Our professional team ensures that you can enjoy the same level of exceptional service as in-store at any location.

Late Night Service

Enjoy Additional Benefits

Do not let time limit your enjoyment.

We offer a Late Night Value-Added Service with an additional fee of 500 NTD, for bookings after 22:30.

This is to ensure that you can enjoy our services at any time.

Payment Methods

Multiple Options

Online Payment

In-Store Payment



The last shift time for the therapist is the end time. All sessions include time for a shower.

Our establishment’s business focuses on the promotion of essential oil wellness and health, along with the sale of related products, guiding customers on the use of essential oils and massage techniques.

Our establishment employs professional legal advisors. In cases of harassment or malicious attacks against our therapists, we will pursue legal avenues to protect our rights.

The team photos on this website are intended solely to display the physiques of male therapists and serve no other illustrative purpose.

Our establishment uses high-quality natural plant oils, never using mineral oils or synthetic oils.

Our establishment uses disposable paper bed sheets to ensure cleanliness, hygiene, and no bacterial residue!

All course durations at our establishment include shower time. The service process does not include any illegal services, such as “half-package” services. Additionally, please do not engage in any monetary transactions with the therapists privately. If there are any financial or other disputes between therapists and customers, they are not related to the establishment. This is a formal statement!

Do not view this webpage if you are under 18 years old!

Online booking will be available soon. Please stay tuned.

OPEN. 10:00-24:00

TEL. 0917 435 388


The studio is located at: No. 180, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City

By appointments only, please reserve one hour in advance.

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